Unit 150 Games

2023 Unit Games will be listed here when they have been approved by the ACBL

DateDayParticipating ClubsSanction #
Mar 20MondayGreat Bay, Keene, DerryL2303150A
Mar 21TuesdayEastman, NorwichL2303150D
Mar 23ThursdayKeeneL2303150E
Mar 27MondayGreat Bay, Keene, DerryL2303150B
Mar 28TuesdayEastman, NorwichL2303150C
Mar 30ThursdayKeeneL2303150F
May 8MondayGreat Bay, Keene, DerryL2305150A
May 9TuesdayEastman, NorwichL2305150C
May 10ThursdayKeeneL2305150E
May 15MondayGreat Bay, Keene, DerryL2305150B
May 16TuesdayEastman, NorwichL2305150D
May 18ThursdayKeeneL2305150F
Sep 11MondayGreat Bay, Keene, DerryL2309150A
Sep 12TuesdayEastman, NorwichL2309150C
Sep 13WednesdayEastmanL2309150E
Sep 14ThursdayKeene, Weirs BeachL2309150G
Sep 25MondayGreat Bay, Keene, DerryL2309150B
Sep 26TuesdayEastman, NorwichL2309150D
Sep 27WednesdayEastmanL2309150F
Sep 28ThursdayKeene, Weirs BeachL2309150H
Nov 13MondayGreat Bay, Keene, DerryL2311150A
Nov 14TuesdayEastman, NorwichL2311150B
Nov 15WednesdayEastmanL2311150C
Nov 16ThursdayKeeneL2311150D
Nov 27MondayGreat Bay, Keene, DerryUE2311150A
Nov 28TuesdayEastman, NorwichUE2311150B
Nov 29WednesdayEastmanUE2311150C
Nov 30ThursdayKeeneUE2311150D