Our Organization

Board of Directors

NameOfficeTerm ExpiresContact Info
David LawrencePresident2024603-609-8109
Bill KennedyVice President2025603-321-0292
Lucia CarlisleTreasurer2025603-669-8666
Sharon KaceSecretary2023603-669-2911
Larr CheethamDirector2023603-623-0123
Alice EberhardtDirector2023603-675-5599
Peter KingsleyDirector2024603-567-7126
John PieperDirector2023603-614-8065
Jane VerdragerDirector2023603-865-5508
Sarah WidhuPast PresidentNon Voting603-881-7518

This list does not contain email addresses because they can be harvested and used by spammers. This has happened in the past. If you need to speak to a specific member of the board, use the Contact Us page on this website and your message will be forwarded to that person.

Anyone interested in joining the Board of Directors should use the Contact Us page or send email directly to president@nhbridge.com.

* Board of Directors three-year terms begin and end at the NHBA Annual Meeting, which coincides with the New Hampshire State Championship and Open Pairs.