NH State Championship – 1970-1979

  1. 1970 Lionel Fineblit and George Reed. Source: NEBCB 16/2 (May 1970). Second: Richard Hall, Berlin and Harold Russell, Gorham. Third: Russell Smith, Dover and Mrs. W. E. Smith, Nor.ampton. Norman G. Sanborn of Rochester was awarded the Leroy Lake Trophy as the player who had done most to promote bridge in the past year.
  2. 1971 Lionel Fineblit and George Reed. Source: NEBCB 17/2 (May 1971). An unprecedented, and never yet repeated, feat of three straight wins. They won this year by 2.5 matchpoints. Second: Herbert Larson and Celeste Robitaille. Third: Joe Giovannangeli and Howard Lane Jr. Consolation: Arthur Houle and Elaine Tornstrom. The Leroy Lake Trophy went to Jane Smith. The George Giguere memorial trophy for highestscoring Concord area pair went to James and Val Garnis. Ralph Langdell must have died in this time period as efforts to memorialize him are discussed. Another death reported was that of Marie Dresser, former Editor of the State Bulletin who, though well into her 80s, had conducted a weekly duplicate in Berlin up to within a few weeks of her death.
  3. 1972 Dottie and John Kennedy. Source: NEBCB 18/2 (May 72). Ed Gould wrote in the NEBC Bulletin (see below) that they were probably the youngest champions ever, and the accompanying picture makes that a likely guess. Second: Maurice Emond and Oscar Boisvert. Third: Don Curtis and Larry White. Consolation: Arthur and Betty Lilly. Leroy Lake Trophy: James Beattie.
  4. 1973 Henry Clevenson and Ken Tripp. Source: NEBCB 19/2 (May 73). Second: Oscar Boisvert and Maurice Emond. Third: Irv and Mickey Pastor of Dover. Consolation: Peg Blodgett and Ruth Gregoire. The Leroy Lake Trophy, awarded to the person who has best promoted bridge in the NHBA, was awarded jointly to Paul Natale and Professor James Hogan of Plymouth. The George Giguere Concord Trophy went to Florence Bean of Allenstown and Joan Delorie of Hooksett (NEBCB 19/3 August 73].
  5. 1974 Janet (Beckingham) and Peter Cosgrove. Source: NEBCB 20/2. The winners married soon after their win and went on to win an Open Swiss Teams at the Granite State Sectional with Carl Conti and Judy Cody. A formidable winning streak! Second: James Jordan, Concord and Don Rivard, Nashua. Third: Lionel Fineblit and George Reed. Consolation: Bill and Ginny Moore of Nashua. The George Giguere Trophy was awarded to Alleen Houle and Louise Weber. Louise also received the Leroy Lake Trophy for her long service in the Unit as secretarytreasurer. The event was at the Highway Hotel in Concord.
  6. 1975 Don Curtis and Frank McCarty. Source: NEB 21/2 (June 75). Ed Gould, in his ‘Granite Chips’ column says the winners “had three good sessions and did not need the carry-over to win.” Second: Lionel Fineblit and George Reed. Third: Wayne Burt and James Jordan. Consolation: Barbara Bowler and Philo Snow. Leroy Lake Trophy: Marion Wyman.
  7. 1976 Lionel Fineblit and George Reed. Source: NEB 22/2 (June 76). Lionel’s 7th and last NH title. George has 6. The margin of victory was more than a full board. Second and Third: tied between Lucille Bradley (Keene) – Jean White (Nashua) and Ed-Shirley Gould. The Leroy Lake Trophy went to Richard Laberge.
  8. 1977 Joe Giovannangeli and Howard Lane Jr. Source: JG. Leroy Lake Trophy: James Garnis.
  9. 1978 Joe Giovannangeli and Howard Lane Jr. Source: JG. Leroy Lake Trophy: Jean Dickinson.
  10. 1979 Arthur Lilly and Kay Watman. Source: KW. Leroy Lake Trophy: Bruce McGinley.

NEBC BULLETIN (Boston, May, 1972, Vol. 18, No. 2)
By Ed Gould

Congratulations to Dottie and John Kennedy who won our 37th annual open pairs state championship. Probably our youngest champions ever, they beat out Maurice Emond and Oscar Boisvert by 4 1/2 match-points. Boisvert and Emond went on to take second place in our 52-table Granite State sectional open pairs at Nashua. Mickie Pastor and Robert Woodard won the, mixed pairs at Nashua. Gwen Mackey, Pat Flanagan, Ina Mills and John Mackey were first in the Swiss consolation.

Defending New Hampshire team of four champions Shirley Finestone, George Reed. Celeste Robitaille, Lionel Fineblit and Ed Gould held onto the knockout championship, but the board-a-match championship was won by Elaine Tornstrom, Herbert Larson, John Kirk and Father Joe Moynahan.

Lillian and Ben Diamond get demerits for not showing up at our finals this year, but they will be back from New Mexico shortly. Edith Morrill, recovering from illness, was missed. A several times champion, she has played in thr event since the thirties.

NEW HAMPSHIRE champions – the youngest ever – are Dottie and John Kennedy, who took top honors in the annual state tournament.

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