Leroy Lake Award

LeRoy M. Lake was born on Oct. 18, 1896 and died in Exeter, NH on Nov. 15, 1966. He was a retired dairy farmer and had enjoyed a political career as Selectman in the Town of Brentwood for more than 40 years having just been reelected in the Spring of 1966. He also had the distinction of serving two terms as representative in the NH General Court.

It was the Lake family’s wish that the New Hampshire Bridge Association (NHBA), Unit 150 of the American Contract Bridge League (ACBL) periodically recognize bridge players who have shown special qualities. A trophy was provided by the family of Mr. Lake to memorialize him and his love for the game that he had enjoyed playing and supporting for many years.

The first requirement: There should be a notable presence and certain degree of success in NH Duplicate Bridge during the year in which the award is made.

The second requirement: There should be some degree of involvement with the NHBA in the year of the award.

The third requirement: Notably the most important of all; recipients must have shown superior behavior and gracious presence not only at the bridge table but in the company of their peers when away from the table.

2024 Leroy Lake Award Winner

Jane Verdrager has been selected as the Leroy Lake Award winner for 2024. Lucia Carlisle, spokesperson for the selection committee, cited how Jane has earned the award through her many years of support of NH Duplicate Bridge.  She continues to run and manage the weekly Eastman Bridge Club’s games in both Eastman and Hanover that keeps bridge alive in that corner of the state.

Jane’s involvement with the NHBA includes both the management of the Fall Foliage Sectional in Grantham each year and even more importantly as the Unit 150 tournament sanction coordinator, which she has done for over 5 years.  This is a role of vital importance to manage the tournament schedule; she applies to the ACBL for sanctions at least 3 years in advance and deals with the inevitable conflicts with other Units.  This is a thankless and not often recognized critical task.

Jane’s gracious presence at various bridge events at and away from the table has always been a tribute to the NH Bridge community.  We are very proud of her being “one of ours”.

Leroy M. Lake Award Recipients

1968 Mrs. Arthur Houle
1969 Dorothy Damon
1970 Norman G. Sanborn
1971 Jane Smith
1972 James Beattie
1973 Paul Natale & James Hogan
1974 Louise Weber
1975 Marion Wyman
1976 Richard Laberge
1977 James Garnis
1978 Jean Dickinson
1979 Bruce McGinley
1980 Amy Scott
1981 Edward A. Gould
1982 Lee Weiner
1983 Rick Fletcher
1984 Joan Cook
1985 Geoff Phipps
1986 Phil Bell, Sr.
1988 Geoff Phipps
1989 Marcia Tarosky
1990 John Cook
1991 Ray Durocher
1992 James Drake
1993 Alleen Houle
1994 Linda Cardone
1995 Maurice Emond
1996 Margaret Noury
1997 Edward A. Gould
1998 Elaine Gordon
1999 Ernie Wilcox
2000 John Cook
2001 Merrick Weinstein
2003 James Felch
2004 Mark & Gretchen Teich
2012 Fred Graf and Bruce Downing
2017 Lawrence Cheetham
2018 Sarah Widhu & BL “Tink” Tysor
2019 Merrick Weinstein
2020 David Lawrence
2021 Lucia Carlisle
2023 Betty Brewster
2024 Jane Verdrager