New hampshire bridge association


                                                 New Hampshire State Championship and Open Pairs

                                                                           85th Annual Tournament

                                                To Be Held On Bridge Base On-Line October 24th and 25th


The 85th Annual New Hampshire State Tournament

Date: Saturday & Sunday  October 24 & 25, 2020


This is a 2-session event

All players must be Unit 150 members or and invited guest that was at one-time a unit 150 member

Saturday: will be a two-session qualifier both sessions will be 18 boards. The sessions will be at 10:00am and 2:00pm

Sunday: The finals on Sunday will be a single session event held at 1:00pm. The top 14 teams from Saturdays event will be allowed to play on Sunday. The finals will be a 26 board event.  Entrance fee for each session will be $10


Saturdays Qualifier

Saturdays Qualifying sessions will have three flights A, B, and C.  These flights will be determined by Bridge Base On-Line after entries have closed. The top 1/3 of masterpoint holders will be placed in flight "A". The second 1/3 of masterpoint holders will be placed in flight "B". The bottom 1/3 of masterpoint holders will be placed in flight "C".  The masterpoint holding will be the average for each pair that enter the tournament. Any pair wishing to enter the tournament must be signed in to BBO no later than 15 minutes prior to the session starting time.


At the end of Saturdays second session the Director will determine that day’s top players in Flights B & C.

The NHBA will Acknowledge and award the top pairs in each Flight  (B & C ) as determined by the director.

The award ceremony will be via a “zoom” meeting that all NH players will be invited to attend. (more information to come) 



At the end of Saturday’s 2 sessions the Tournament Director shall identify the top 14 pairs from the combined 2 sessions.

As it is imperative that we have a full 14 pair field for Sunday’s Final.  All pairs that qualify for the Finals will be advised of their qualification after play ends on Saturday.   Those pairs that qualify must make a commitment to register for the Sunday final.    If a pair is unable or unwilling to make a commitment then the Tournament Director shall look to the Alternate list.  Alternates will be queued in order of finish for the previous two sessions combined.  The top Alternate pair will be called and advised that they can register.  If they decline or cannot be reached, the next top Alternate pair will be called.


Sunday:    State Championship   This is a single session event to begin at 1:00 pm

The finals will be a 26 board event with each pair playing two hands against every other qualifying pair.

The top 14 pairs from Saturday may register for the event as described in Step # 8 from Saturday’s procedures.   Registration shall be done on Sunday no later than 60 min. prior to the start of the Event.  In event of a lack of registration the Tournament Director shall continue using the Alternate list in order to complete the field of 14 pairs.


The finalists will have some carryover depending on their finish in Saturdays Preliminary. The carryover amount shall be determined by the director under normal tournament procedure.

The top pair at the end of this event is awarded the title of State Champions for 2020.

The NH Board will hold a virtual “zoom” meeting to make this award. (more information to come)

Please note that the NH Board will be holding its annual meeting at some point during this weekend via a group “zoom” meeting.  The winner of the Leroy Lake award will be announced at this time.


The New Hampshire Bridge Association holds its annual State Championship and Open Pairs tournament at the most central location available every year. It's a truly unique event.  This year to keep it going it will have to be held on-line due to the Covid-19 pandemic

In 2019 Daniel McGuire and Wayne Burt were the New Hampshire State Champions for the fourth time as a partnership. Allen Pattee and Lawrence Cheetham were second.