New hampshire bridge association

NH State Championship

2000 - 2009

65. 2000 Lawrence Cheetham and Dave Littleton. Source: recent U150 memories. Consolation: Wayne Burt and Fred Graf [event 5/5/00 per Fred's trophy]. Leroy Lake Trophy: John Cook.

66. 2001 Bob Clements and J.J. "Jiggs" Zamierowski. Source: recent U150 memories. Leroy Lake Trophy: Merrick ‘Rick’ Weinstein.

67. 2002 Bob Cohen and Jay Keenan. Source: recent U150 memories. Leroy Lake Trophy: not awarded this year.

68. 2003 Ron Mak and Geoff Phipps. Source: recent U150 memories. Second: Wayne Burt and Lawrence Cheetham [LC trophy]. Leroy Lake Trophy: James Felch.

69. 2004 Stephanie Colpitts and Ron Mak. Source: recent U150 memories. Leroy Lake Award: Mark and Gretchen Teich.

70. 2005 Joe Giovannangeli and Howard Lane Jr. Source: recent U150 memories. FG says event was 4/23 - 4/24.

71. 2006 Ron Mak and Geoff Phipps. Consolation: Fred Graf [ per Fred's trophy] and Carol Kitchel.

72. 2007 Krystyna Ciesluk and Bruce Downing. Krystyna and Bruce have trophies. Second: Bob Woodard and Joe De Gaetano. Third: Walter Fenton and Bernice Kramer. Consolation: Lila Berry and Lance Ribeiro (per Lance). Event was June 2nd and 3rd at the Bow Community Center with Kevin Griffin directing.

73. 2008 Joe De Gaetano and Bob Woodard. Concord Country Club. Source: recent U150 memories. Consolation: Tie for first between Fred Graf and Bill Landis, [per Fred's trophy] and Jules Lemire / John Maxwell (per JM). Kevin Griffin directed.

74. 2009 Wayne Burt and Dan McGuire. Source: eyewitness account from Bruce Downing. Second: Joan Cook and Maurice Emond. Third: Gretchen and Mark Teich. 28 pairs entered on Saturday and 14 pairs qualified for a 13 round, 26 board Howell in the Sunday Final. The event was held in the IBEW Hall in Concord with Kevin Griffin directing. The Consolation was won by Paul and Rhoda St. Laurent.