What is Pianola?

Pianola describes itself as "Smart tools for bridge clubs and players." Visit the official Pianola website for a complete description of everything it can do.

The New Hampshire Bridge Association uses Pianola as an Internet server that:

  • Automatically sends you your game results by email whenever you play at a participating New Hampshire duplicate club or tournament.
  • Hosts the NHBA (Unit 150) membership database, which is entirely separate from the ACBL's membership database.
  • Hosts your personal account that records your bridge history among other things. If you haven't logged in yet, click the banner above, create your own account if you don't already have one, and have a look around.
  • Hosts the New Hampshire Bridge Association website (the website you're looking at right now)

For questions and problems relating to Pianola please use the Contact Us page on this site.

For more information see the:

If you're a club director please read How to Upload Your Game Results.

Pianola Includes all New Hampshire Clubs

Our Pianola membership is the "New Hampshire Bridge Association," which encompasses all duplicate clubs in New Hampshire free of charge. Your personal results page includes all participating clubs at which you play.

The NHBA has a single Pianola subscription that gives all New Hampshire duplicate bridge clubs the benefits of a club subscription free of charge. Unit 150 pays a single annual fee that was negotiated back when we started. For each New Hampshire club to have its own Pianola membership would be vastly more expensive and less efficient. Each club would have it's own membership database and send out its own game results. Each player's bridge history and statistics would be for one club only and much less meaningful than those that include all clubs and the New Hampshire State Championship.

Pianola was designed for clubs, not ACBL units, and the user interface is thus still somewhat club-centric. There are pages where you have to read "club" as "unit."

Even though it's free, there are still clubs that do not upload results to Pianola. Only you can change this. Encourage your club director to upload game results. If you're a club director please read How to Upload Your Game Results.

You Can Set Privacy Preferences

Log into https://app.pianola.net and click "My account" in the dropdown menu at the upper right-hand corner of the screen. In this dialog box read "my club" as "my unit."

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Encourage Your Club to Participate

If you play at a New Hampshire club that doesn't upload game results to Pianola, please encourage the club manager and/or director to do so. The instructions are very simple and uploading takes only a few minutes: How to Upload Your Game Results.  It's never too late to start. For questions and problems relating to Pianola please use the Contact Us page on this site.

By the way, there are also players, club managers, and club directors who still aren't aware that this website exists. Only you can improve the situation. Ask everyone you meet if they know about nhbridge.com and encourage them to visit this site.

About Personal Data Security

The Unit 150 Pianola membership database is entirely separate from the ACBL membership database. This is for technical reasons, which are discussed below*. It's impossible to keep the two synchronized so members must update their contact information in two places to stay current.There is, however, a major advantage to having separate databases: security. 

Although there has not yet been a report of a breach of the ACBL's membership database, some players do not trust the ACBL to protect their personal data. The ACBL database does not store credit card numbers, social security numbers, or any other data typically targeted by hackers. It does, however, store personal contact information such as email addresses and phone numbers, which would be valuable to spammers and phishers because of the ACBL's unique demographics.

As of the moment, any authorized person can download a complete membership roster from the ACBL website in machine-readable form and use it for any purpose. Some or all members of a unit board of directors are automatically authorized although the process for this is unclear and there's apparently no notification given when authorization occurs. The Unit 150 membership database, on the other hand, is protected by Amazon web services, a widely-used, professional-quality server system that provides a much greater level of security.

Players are not required to provide any personal data other than a name to have a membership record. New Hampshire residency is not required. Only an email address and ACBL number are required to receive game results by email. By default, members can view other members' individual contact information but cannot download a membership roster. Members can hide their contact data by setting privacy preferences in their account. Log into https://app.pianola.net and selecting "My account" from the dropdown menu at the upper right-hand corner of the page.

For more information

* The Unit 150 Pianola membership database was originally created by downloading a roster from the ACBL and inserting the records into a empty database. The only way to keep two or more contact databases synchronized is for both to have either an SQL interface or an API (application programming interface) that allows a program to insert, udpate, and delete records. Neither the ACBL nor Pianola allows this sort of access.

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