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Starting in 2014, this website published the results of New Hampshire sectionals and the State Championship from the tournament site for the convenience of those who played. In 2018 ACBLlive started reporting on sectionals, so our coverage became redundant. The State Championship, however, is not reported by ACBLlive because it's a Unit Charity Game and thus the results will continue to be published elsewhere on this site.

2018 New Hampshire State Championship and Open Pairs


Saturday Qualifying Morning

Saturday Qualifying Afternoon

Sunday State Championship Final *

Sunday Open Pairs

* Please note that the State Championship Final results shown on the NHBA Pianola server club results on 7/15/2018 are incorrect with respect to overall placing and rewards. Pianola cannot process multi-day events with carryover.


Saturday Pairs Morning

Saturday Pairs Afternoon

The afternoon results won't upload to Pianola. I've notified them and sent them the files.

Sunday Swiss Teams Morning

Sunday Swiss Teams Afternoon

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Get Your Tournament Results

There are several ways to get NHBA tournament results.

The ACBL covers New Hampshire sectionals but does not cover the New Hampshire State Championship, which is posted on the NHBA website.

ACBL Live Automatic Email and Text

ACBL Live is a service proved by the ACBL that sends notifications of your sectional*, regional, and national tournament results via email and/or text message. To activate ACBL Live:

1.      Log into your MyACBL Portal

2.      Go to Privacy Settings (Located under "Membership")

3.      Change privacy preferences to SUBSCRIBE for General Email Communication and/or Cell Phone Text Communication

ACBL Website

The address of the Tournament Results page is http://tournaments.acbl.org/. Search for Unit 150*. These results may not be available right away.

NHBA Automatic Email

Log in to the NHBA Pianola server at: http://app.pianola.net. The server will email you your results from participating club games, sectional tournaments, and the New Hampshire State Championship.** For an invitation and use the Contact Us page to send us your name, ACBL number, and email address. The NHBA does not share email addresses with the ACBL.

If you don't want to receive your results by email or other communications from the NHBA:

1.      Log into our Pianola server

2.      Click your name in the upper right-hand corner

3.      Select My Account

4.      Click the Communication preferences tab in the menu bar at the top

5.      Uncheck either or both of the boxes

* Does not include the New Hampshire State Championship and Open Pairs.

** The New Hampshire State Championship results are inaccurate with respect to overall placing and rewards because Pianola cannot process multi-day events with carryover.

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