Jim Felch Announces New Game in Manchester

Jim Felch says, "I have started a new game in Manchester We play every Thursday morning at 9:45 a.m. at St. Pauls Church - 335 Smyth Rd., Manchester. Always a standby. Bridgemates and hand records. Hope to see you there!"



Larry Weiss Trophy

The New England Bridge Conference periodically awards the Larry Weiss Trophy. In the Bridge World magazine, the late Edgar Kaplan once said the late Larry Weiss was "the first gentleman of bridge." When Weiss, a longtime New England expert, died, his brother Stephen Weiss, of Special Projects at the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation in New York, donated the trophy. It is inscribed, "For Grace and Skill at the Bridge Table." Weiss listed three criteria for the award: 

  1. Some degree of success in contract bridge during the year for which the award is made. 
  2. Some degree of association with New England bridge. 
  3. Notably, superior behavior and gracious presence at the bridge table. 

The first of these is not tied to any specific event or masterpoint achievement. It requires only evidence in the individuals' subjective judgment that the candidate is a skilled player. 

The second requires a familiar face at NEBC events. It would be helpful for an individual proposing a candidate to consider "association" as meaning that the candidate had given back to bridge through volunteer work within the District.

The third speaks for itself. 

District 25 has posted an ad on the NEBridge.org website soliciting nominations for the award in 2018. The District is also putting together a committee to assess the nominees and decide on a winner.

Leroy Lake Award to Sarah Widhu and B L (Tink) Tysor

The Leroy Lake Award for 2108 was presented to Sarah Widhu and B L Tink Tysor at the NHBA Annual Awards Banquet. Click here for information about the Leroy Lake Award.

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New Tournament Sites Needed

The NHBA continues to search for new tournament sites. If there's a site in your area that you think may be suitable for a tournament, please let us know! Contact Sarah Widhu, the President of the NHBA, at (603) 881-7518 or widhu@myfairpoint.net or use the Contact Us page on this website.

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