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The New Hampshire Bridge Association (NHBA) is Unit 150 in District 25 of the American Contract Bridge League. It is comprised of an all-volunteer Board and more than 600 active members of the bridge community in the State of New Hampshire.

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New Hampshire Tournament Schedule for 2019

Spring Sectional March 23-24 2019 Dover Elks Club Dover
State Championship July 13-14 2019 Puritan Backroom Manchester
John & Joan Cook Aug. 17-18, 2019 Rivier University Nashua
Fall Foliage Sept. 28-29, 2019 Town Hall Grantham
Ed Gould Nov. 2-3, 2019 TBA Nashua

John and Joan Cook Sectional August 17-18, 2019

Rivier University
Dion Center Reception Room
16 Clement St.
Nashua, NH




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Annual Meeting Report

The NHBA has a new board of directors including a new president and a new secretary. The NHBA Organization page of this website has a list of board members with phone numbers.

Many thanks to Sarah Widhu and Jane Verdrager for their dedicated and tireless efforts as president and secretary respectively.

Minutes from the 2019 Annual Meeting - Draft

Our New President: David Lawrence

David Lawrence has been playing bridge for more than 30 years, and is a Bronze Life Master. He comes from a card-playing family where his parents and grandparents played duplicate bridge. In the early 2000’s, David served on the Portsmouth Country Club Board of Directors for four years as Vice President in charge of the golf course where he developed budgets and provided direction for golf course improvements and staff.

After retiring from the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in 2012 as an engineer, David became the Club Manager for Great Bay Bridge Club, and assisted with teaching a youth bridge group for two years. He joined the NHBA Board in 2018 where he stepped in to run a successful sectional tournament.

NH State Championship and Open Pairs Results

Daniel McGuire and Wayne Burt are the New Hampshire State Champions again for the fourth time as a partnership. Allen Pattee and Lawrence Cheetham were second.

Saturday Morning Qualifying

Saturday Afternoon Qualifying

Sunday State Championship Final

Sunday Open Pairs

Wayne Burt and Dan McGuire with outgoing president Sarah Widhu.

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Changes in Rank 6/30/19 through 8/01/19

New Junior Masters
Christopher R Camire    
Ranjan Dandekar         
Michael Tompkins        
Graham Woerner          

New Club Masters
Joanne Gill             

New Sectional Masters
Earle L Tryder         

New Regional Masters
Jacqueline S Callan 
Julian B Jefferson   

New Advanced NABC Masters
Alice L Eberhardt       

New Life Masters
Todd M Kerekes       

New Bronze Life Masters
Skip Page              

New Bronze Life Masters
Art Young              

New Ruby Life Masters
Robert I Eachus     

Connectivity Problem Solved

There was a period of time in which the nhbridge.com domain name wasn't working and this site was impossible to reach. The problem has been identified as DNS changes on the Pianola server side and has been corrected. Please click here to report any further problems.

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