How to Upload Your Club Game Results

Uploading game results to Pianola is easy! It won't take you more than a minute or two. Everyone’s personal results page will have more data and will thus be much more interesting.

1. Log into Pianola and click Admin area in the dropdown menu at the top-right of the screen. If you can't see it, you don't have permission to upload results. Contact

2. Click the Results tab.

3. Click Upload ACBLscore game file.

4. Click Choose File for each results file.

These are the same results files you upload to the ACBL. The ACBLscore binary game file is located in C:\ACBLSCOR\GAMEFILE folder (replacing C: with the appropriate drive if necessary).

4. Click Upload results.

The other options require you to generate an ACBLscore report (TXT) file. There is no reason to do this but if you chose this option, click here for instructions.

The first few uploads will take longer because they require adding players who are not yet in our membership database. The time required will diminish because members need only be added once.

Report Club Game Schedule Changes to Us

Please report any and all changes to club game schedules using the Contact Us page. We don't get notified by the ACBL.

If you have minimal computer skills you can make changes to the NHBA calendar yourself.

  1. Sign up for a Google (Gmail) account.
  2. Send your Gmail address to the webmaster for authorization to change the calendar.
  3. Click here to open the calendar page and follow the instructions.

Please change only your own games.

Do You Want Help With Computer Skills?

Computer phobia is not a good reason to deprive yourself of the best personal assistant, communications device, and game platform you've ever imagined. You can become computer literate in a matter of weeks if you take things one step at a time, ask questions, and learn how to use software by practicing on throw-away files.

Whether you already have a computer or are starting from scratch and don't know what to buy, you can get free help and advice from other bridge players. Start by calling Barry at 603-494-5874 or email

The only dumb question is the one you don't ask!

These are several myths related to using a personal computer:

Many people still believe that mistakes made by a novice can mess up a computer to the point where it is difficult, time-consuming, and/or expensive to repair. This is not true! If you have a standard Windows account you can safely experiment with anything and everything without messing up your computer. If your own account gets messed up, you can start over again in a different account without losing any programs or files.

Another common misconception is that "I'm too old and/or I don't want to learn a lot of complicated stuff." You're not too old and you can still learn if you put just a little effort into it. If you play bridge a personal computer is not too complicated for you to learn in a matter of weeks. Ask questions, take things one step at a time, and learn how to use software by practicing on throw-away files. 

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Where to Get Help

Pianola User Guide for Club Managers (PDF)

Pianola Support Center

If you are having trouble reading PDF (Portable Document Format) files on your computer, download and install the Nitro PDF Reader. You do not need the Adobe PDF Reader.

Please Don't Ignore "Waiting for corrections"

If you ignore "Waiting for corrections," some of your players will not receive their results by email. Anyone who plays at your club but does not yet have an name or ACBL number and an email address in the Unit 150 database does not receive scores by email. You can add players to the database very easily.

Click here for instructions

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