ACBL Live for Clubs is now a reality and this page must be completely rewritten. Please continue to visit this page over the next month or two for updates.

Get Your Results by Email From the ACBL

NOTE: This section has been rewritten and the procedure has been tested.

To receive instant notification of your results from the ACBL:

  1. Log into your MyACBL Portal
  2. Go to Privacy Settings (Located under "Membership")
  3. Change privacy preferences to SUBSCRIBE for General Email Communication and/or SUBSCRIBE for Cell Phone Text Communication
  4. Click where it says Click here for Live for Clubs notification preference
  5. Enter your email address and click to confirm.

CLICK HERE for more information about ACBL Live for Clubs, including information for directors.

It's necessary to provide a valid email address for this to work. Spam and phishing email is an issue for everyone. In the past some people have been willing to trust the NHBA (Unit 150) with a personal email address in order to get game results but not the ACBL. If you're one of those people and you're still uncertain about the ACBL's policies with respect to how secure your personal information is, consider setting up a separate email address to use only for untrusted sources. There are many free email service providers to choose from.

Get Your Game Results From Pianola

NOTE: This section has been rewritten and the procedure tested.

You can get your results by email whenever you play at a participating New Hampshire duplicate club or in the New Hampshire State Championship. To get started click the link below to access your Personal Results page on the NHBA Pianola server:

Login to Pianola

If you cannot access your Personal Results page on the Pianola server use the Contact Us page on this site and include your name, ACBL number, and email address.

The first time you access the server, Pianola asks you to specify a username and a password to use in the future. Enter your first name, last name, ACBL number and email address*. Use the same first name and last name every time you make out an entry form whether it's for a club game or a tournament. Do not use nicknames!

If you aren't an ACBL member leave the field blank. Do not use the placeholder numbers created by club directors in ACBLscore. We encourage you to join the ACBL right away to start earning masterpoints. When you join the ACBL make sure to edit your Personal Results page account settings to add your ACBL number. Do not create another account.

When you have successfully logged into the Pianola server, it displays a line graph of your scores over time. Click a point on the line to open a detailed record of the boards you played. There are many other features so explore everything.

* Note: the NHBA does not share email addresses with the ACBL or anyone else.

If You Don't Want Email From the NHBA

If you don't want to receive your club game and State Championship results by email:

  1. Log into the Pianola server.
  2. Click your name in the upper right-hand corner and select My Account.
  3. Click the Communication preferences tab
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Ask Your Club Director to Upload Results

All New Hampshire duplicate clubs are requested to upload their game results to the NHBA Pianola server so that players receive their results by email. The more clubs participate, the more data everyone’s personal results page history will have and more interesting the data will be. If your club has not yet started uploading results, please encourage your club manager/director to participate.

The procedure is very simple and similar to the ACBL game results upload.


Not Getting Your Results Email?

  1. Make sure your club director is uploading results.
  2. Log into your account on the NHBA Pianola Server.
  3. Click the drop-down menu at the upper-right corner of the page (next to your name) and click "My account."
  4. Check the first name, last name, and email address.

Use the same first name and last name every time you make out an entry form whether it's for a club game or a tournament. Do not use nicknames!

Update Your Membership Data

The New Hampshire Bridge Association now has a secure membership database that is separate from the ACBL's. To update your personal information, go to:

The database contains out-of-state players who have participated in Unit 150 events.

The NHBA strongly recommends that you also go to the ACBL website to manage your Privacy and Communication settings.

Note that the Unit 150 database and the ACBL database may get out-of-synch with each other over time. We intend to update the Unit 150 database to reflect changes in the ACBL database periodically.

Notify the ACBL and the NHBA of Deceased Members

If you're aware of a New Hampshire player who has passed away, please ask the family to notify the NHBA and the ACBL at 662-253-3129 or An obituary or other proof such as a copy of the death certificate may be required.

What is Pianola Plus?

Pianola Plus provides a much more extensive personal results page for serious players. It has more statistics and graphs that help you visualize your performance over time. You must to purchase your own subscription.

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