Alternative Directions From the North

  1. Everett Turnpike South toward Nashua, NH

  2. After you pass Exit 6 bear right onto the access road

  3. Take Exit 5W and bear left at the fork in the ramp

  4. Straight across Rt. 111 (West Hollis St.) onto Main Dunstable Road.

  5. Left at the 7-Eleven (across from Shell station) onto Northeastern Blvd.

  6. No. 77 is on the left (sign on building is "Hello Direct")

  7. Use the leftmost entrance (looking from the street)

To return:

  1. Northeastern Blvd. back the way you came

  2. Right onto Main Dunstable Road

  3. Right onto Rt. 111 (West Hollis St.) towards Nashua

  4. The Everett Turnpike North (Rt. 3) onramp is on the right

Be careful when approaching the onramp. Cars exiting the Turnpike ignore the Yield sign, accelerate onto West Hollis St., and cut you off as if you didn't exist.

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Recommended Directions From the North or South

  1. Everett Turnpike North or South toward Nashua, NH. (The Everett Turnpike runs from Burlington, MA to Concord, NH and is Route 3 between Burlington, MA and NH Exit 7E.)
  2. Exit 4 onto East Dunstable Road away from Nashua
  3. Immediate right at the Shell Station onto Harris Road
  4. Right at the fork onto Northeastern Blvd.
  5. No. 77 Northeastern Blvd. is on the right (sign on building is "Hello Direct")
  6. Use the leftmost entrance (looking from the street)

To return, simply go back the way you came.


  • The street sign at 77 Northeastern Boulevard does not have the number 77 on it. You have to look just above the main door of the building, which is set back from the road.
  • The only sign on the building says "Hello Direct." Hello Direct markets hands-free devices such as headsets, speakerphones, webcams, and conferencing solutions.
  • The playing area was obtained through Harbor Homes, an organization that creates and provides quality residential and supportive services for individuals and their families with mental illness and/or experiencing homelessness. There is, however, nothing to indicate any association with Harbor Homes on the building.
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